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In an era when business efficiency and competitive ability are considered primary values, we emphasize the importance of the meeting of minds, the sharing of values and the process of continuous improvement through communicative interaction.

< Client > We have a formidable advantage with Japanese domestic companies, owing to our close relationships with them. In-depth discussions with client top management enable us to clearly identify human resources who can contribute to our clients' growth and development, and facilitate their introduction.

For multinational corporations, we provide finely-tuned services based on our deep understanding of the Japanese market.
< Search Targets > Our search targets are senior-level executives. We conduct broad searches for executives who are both active on the front line and attuned to client's specific needs. We select only those who will contribute to our client's long-term prosperity, what we call "balance sheet" (B/S) individuals who provide a firm with continuous value through their competencies and soft skills, as opposed to "profit and loss" (P/L) employees who contribute only to short-term profitability.
< Search Method > We do not limit our searches to client specifications, but take an "integral approach", carefully assessing candidate congruity with client companies and their executive officers through comprehensive discussions with both parties and by evaluating each candidate's career history, skills, vision, principles, match with company culture, and personal chemistry.
< Follow-Up > To enhance the long-term value of the candidate-client bond, we periodically follow up with successful candidates on their performance. For example, we hold seminars and parties for candidates we have placed. These include a seminar three months after the job change, a one-year anniversary "beer party", and a three-year celebration featuring vintage wine to congratulate candidates on successfully furthering their careers and producing added value in their new environments.

What keeps most CEOs awake at midnight is, quite often, their worry over people-related issues. By leveraging our vast knowledge in this field, we aim to help clients find solutions through the following consulting services.

< Management Team Assessment > Using our expertise, we are able to measure the collective strength of a management team by assessing each member's current strengths / weaknesses, growth potential, aspiration and ethics, as well as the personal chemistry among team members. Clients can use this assessment to help determine the ideal portfolio of their own management teams.
< Business Succession Consulting > Business succession almost always entails two extremely difficult decisions for the incumbent CEO: selecting the "heir apparent" and designing a flawless transition process. We typically start by holding in-depth conversations with the incumbent CEO and his chief allies to unearth the CEO's expectations and clarify his vision of an ideal successor, and crystallize these into a set of core values. We then help the CEO determine his heir apparent, using these values as a yardstick to evaluate potential candidates. However, appointing the successor is only half of the picture. By leveraging our accumulated knowledge of success and failure, we also advise the CEO on how to navigate this complicated process by spotting pitfalls while designing the transition steps.
< Corporate Governance Consulting > In Japan, a significant gap remains between academic theory and the daily practice of corporate governance. We help our clients bridge this gap by establishing a unique set of rules and standards based on their corporate values. We also help them identify the most suitable outside directors and outside auditors by utilizing our extensive network among top business executives in Japan.